Hi there! My Name is S. M. Fahim

My motive behind creating this website is to store everything a newbie needs to know to become a Data Scientist or Machine Learning Engineer.


Who am I?

Let my contents speak about me.




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Helping You to Help Me

You learn the best when you teach others. I spent quite enough time to learn Data Science and Machine Learning. Now, I’m starting over. This website will contain everything I learn about Python, Data Science, and Machine Learning. Your feedback, contribution, everything will help both you and me. The more you love my content, the more time I’ll be spending on making them.

Starting Story

It’s June 18, 2020. Somewhere middle in the COVID-19 pandemic. My college is shut down for around 3 months, the country is locked-down. By far, 8.3M people are affected by Corona Virus, and  0.5M deaths world-wide. This is not going to be normal in the next few months. Currently, the homepage is showing a countdown of 100 days. It’s my challenge to earn knowledge on Data Science and Machine Learning, from scratch to as much as possible, and to share the knowledge herein Machine Learning Wiki, as deeply as possible.

Let’s Learn Together!

To learn with me, subscribe to the newsletter so that you get to know every time a tutorial is posted. Start learning from the very first topic, and give feedback on each tutorial. This will help you and me. 

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