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Unix Shell - Bash Scripting

A command-line interface in Unix based OS

As a Data Scientist or Machine Learning Engineer, it is extremely important to get familiar with the command-line interface (CLI). Working with CLI gives you a good understanding of how a computer works.

If you never have used Shell before, don’t worry. The more complex it looks, the easier it is.  The chunk sized tutorials listed below will lead you from no knowledge of Shell to a comfortable amount of knowledge that’s enough to get dive into your dream field.


  1. Introduction to Unix Shell
  2. Bash Installation
  3. Know Your Terminal
  4. Printing Something – echo, clear
  5. Paths and Directories – pwd
  6. Navigating Directories – ls, cd
  7. Organizing Files – mkdir, mv, cp
  8. Organizing More Files – rm, rmdir
  9. Creating Empty Files – touch
  10. Everything About GNU nano Text Editor in Linux
  11. Reading File in Linux – cat, tac
  12. Precise Reading with less and more command in Linux
  13. Head and Tail Command in Linux – EVERYTHING You Need to Know
  14. Linux Apropos Command – Find the Right Hammer for Bash
  15. (On development)
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